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Welcome to Shirtnetwork Wiki

With Shirtnetwork you have chosen an unique and extensive solution for print on demand in your webshop. With a single tool you can not only let your users create customized products directly in your online store but also use the viral effect of affilates and the Marketplace to raise your income.

Through our simple model you will always have your Fees under control, you will only pay when you sell an item. We are always there to help you with your questions because your success is our most important goal. Starting is easy as pie and can be done with your in-house workers or through a media consulting agency of your choice. You can also just use one of our services to get started as fast as possible. We can offer anything from basic installation up to complete layouts and concepts. Through our modular architecture we do not force you into a shop system, just choose whatever fits best and install one of our Connectors for your system.

The data management is done through our dedicated Adobe Air based desktop tool, this will save you from long waiting times and cross browser issues in a webinterface.

90% of the connector source codes are open and can be modified according to your needs, this will help you to create even the most special use cases. Start selling your advertising material with Shirtnetwork today and create a whole new level of raising in sales through using the interactive technology we offer.

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